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Hello to my beautiful and handsome humans!!! Before I start today’s post, I would like to put my posting schedule out since I have been posting at random times. I will be posting a blogpost every Wednesday with today being an exception. Today’s post will definitely be something we can all relate to. If you take a minute to sit down and think, you would realize that life is a really so simple but we humans we tend to make it so complicated. We create tension that is unnecessary. I am one to admit that I use to complicate my own life for no reason but then I started to realize that what I am doing is not healthy for myself, both physically and mentally.  Now, I look at life in a different perspective. I feel that I see everything in a simple way, and I don’t create unnecessary tension to myself. Here are three things I started doing to live a simpler life that led me to be the happier person that I am today!

  1. I stopped overthinking things.

    I used to over think way too much. It could have been the smallest thing in my life, but I would still be overthinking it. Overthinking plays with your brain and you can end up being in the worst mood ever. The reason why we tend to over think things is because we have all the time in the world. To avoid overthinking, set yourself short deadlines. Instead of taking weeks to make a decision whether it’s a job offer or just going out, give yourself a few hours or maybe maximum a day so that you can avoid overthinking.

  1. I stopped making my everyday life busier than it already was.

    This habit was a hard one for me. I love to stay busy, but I didn’t know how to manage my busy life. People would ask me for help and favors, and I would always want to help. I would always say yes! To be honest, I didn’t know how to say no to people.  I would have a fear that it is not nice to say no (silly me!!!). I started to be realistic and think what’s best for me. I started to say no to people, and this was such a great decision! I was overwhelmed and stressed with a constantly busy life!

  1. I stopped complicating my relationships.

    It can be relationships with anyone such as your parents, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. We tend to sometimes think that we can read the other person’s mind and sometimes that doesn’t help (I’m sure we have all been there and done that), it can just make things even more complicated. You’re probably just inventing plenty of scenarios in your head and making it harder on your side as well. Stop doing that! If you are having a downfall with someone or a simple misunderstanding, just simply go ask them and you will definitely get an answer. Talk everything out! We’re humans and unfortunately we don’t actually have the power to read an individual’s mind but we do have the ability to communicate. Communication is the best key in holding a strong relationship with anybody!!!

          Sometimes life can get complicated and we can’t stop it but most of time we do have the power to stop it. “Everyone should smile and be happy. Life really isn’t that serious. We make it difficult. The sun rises. The sun sets. We just tend to complicate the process.” This is one of my favorite quotes and it is one that we should all live by. If you think that you make your life complicated, go ahead and make the steps to a more simple life. Trust me, it’s worth it and you will feel better about it too!! The simpler the merrier!! I hope everyone has an amazing week!!!

Forever spreading happiness, Kopika 

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