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Tell me a happy story! (#3)


Tell me a happy story is a series of blog posts where I go up to people I have never met in my life and ask to tell me one happy story, it can be anything they want it to be. Right below are the results. Enjoy and stay smiling! #asmilepersquare


“I suffer from epilepsy, and I recently found out that a friend of mine also suffers from it. I love to help promote positivity by offering advice to people who are diagnosed with different disorders via social media, because I know that it is something that can affect a lot of people’s happiness. I felt very happy to offer comfort and advice to my friend, and be there for him.”

– Marianna


“Although I have lived in Montreal for about 10 years, my spoken French isn’t the greatest. I am actively trying to improve my French by conversing with my friend who is fluent in English and French. The other day, we went to McDonald, and I wanted to practice my French so I said: “J’ai aller chercher les serviettes, mais j’ai pas trouver”. My friend looked at me and just smiled. He then told me that my french sounded almost poetic, and continued to correct me. Even though I was wrong, I felt happy that my friend didn’t make me feel bad for making mistakes. I felt encouraged and content by the fact that he was brutally honest, in a nice way!”



“This morning, I got myself a cup of coffee from Starbucks¬†which made me happy!”


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