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Tell me one happy story (Post #3)


Tell me a happy story is a series of blog posts where I go up to people I have never met in my life and ask to tell me one happy story, it can be anything they want it to be. Right below are the results. Enjoy and stay smiling! #asmilepersquare



“We have been friends for 4 years now and a few years ago we went on a trip to Boston. It was fun with all the adventures we did. There was a point where the swimming pool was closed and we made the bath tub a swimming pool and it is still so funny looking back at that. It is definitely one of our happy memories to look back at.”
-Kim, Alice and Lara


” Seven months ago I met a girl on Instagram and I finally got to meet her two days ago at a concert and honestly I felt comfortable being around her and her friends. It was a happy moment. Coming from France, Montreal seems like a place to meet people. It also made me learn that if you want to meet someone, you just do it. ”


“I get really happy over the smallest things. Just yesterday, my brother had a mason jar full of coffee ready for me before I left to my 8:00 class and that just made my day.”

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