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Being Comfortable in your Skin


          Hello to my beautiful and handsome humans!! Let me get right into today’s topic. Who has heard the expression “What you are inside shows on the outside?” I live by that expression and that is the main reason as to why I am beyond comfortable in my own skin. However, honestly speaking, I was not always like this!  

          When we receive compliments from individuals, we automatically feel confident and content. When individuals do not compliment us, people whom are not comfortable in their own skin tend to become self-conscious. I believe that being beautiful means being you inside and out. I believe that physical features do not define you, who you are as a person defines you.

          We live in a society where pointing out “who is the prettiest?” has become normal but when you feel comfortable with yourself, then you are looking past what society thinks. Being comfortable in your own skin means not comparing yourself to others and you don’t need to feel the need to impress others as well. There is no need to impress others, as I mentioned above; who you are inside is what defines you as a person.

          Be yourself, be confident with yourself! Do what truly makes you happy, learn to say no to things that doesn’t make you happy because that helps you to be self-confident. Another way to be comfortable within your own skin is to love your physical flaws. No one in this world is perfect, therefore go ahead and embrace your so called “flaws”!! I know it’s easier said than done but once you start doing it, you will love yourself like you never did before. I believe that physical features are the least thing that an individual should worry about. Work on your personality because that is literally what truly defines you.

          To be beautiful means to truly be you. You don’t need to be accepted by everyone you meet and encounter in life. Just accept yourself. The power of being beautiful lies not in the eyes of others but it does come from deep within you. Thank you for taking your time to read this post. I hope everyone is having an amazing week and life!! Until next post, smile on!!

                                                                                                                                                                             Forever spreading happiness, Kopika.

PS: This post was reviewed and edited by my sister: Christina Kumaravelu.

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