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What I think about happiness..


I believe happiness is the most important state for a human soul. We can’t always be happy but we always try to be. We go through a series of hardships and downfalls throughout life to achieve happiness in some way.

If you sit down and think about it, the journey to finding happiness can be endless but how can we change this? First, let me explain why I think we tend to put ourselves in an endless pursuit of happiness. We buy things we don’t necessarily need because it makes us happy, we try to work hard to get approval of people who don’t mean much to us, we get a high paying job that we don’t necessarily enjoy doing, yet we still do itthe list is endless. These are some of the things that we believe make us happy however, if you really did find happiness; the list I mentioned above would not be endless. The pursuit of happiness can be end less because once we find one thing that makes us happy, we will also chase something else that is random and believe that’s happiness as well.

Now that I have explained how we put ourselves in an endless pursuit of happiness, let me explain on how we can change this. Happiness can’t be a goal and I myself always thought that it can be a goal until I thought other wise. Happiness is simply a result of usefulness. What I really want to say seems quite hard to put into words but I will try my best. A lot of things we do in life are just experiences to add to our list such as going to work, shopping, going on vacation or buying a car. These experiences make us happy, right? But it’s not creating anything. It’s just an experience and that’s awesome too. I love experiences as well.

What can make an individual happy is when one creates something that that someone can benefit from. Don’t over think this because you don’t need to create something that changes the whole world. You can make it even just a little tiny bit better than it was before you came into this world. This little tiny bit can be anything and everything, it can be treating your mom to the spa, helping a co-worker with something that is not your responsibility, giving your seat up for an elderly in the metro or bus, helping your friend with something. The things I mentioned are not hard at all but when you start doing this everyday, it will add up to a life well-lived. Don’t take it too seriously, it’s super simple. Just do something that is useful, it can be anything. Happiness can be part of the legacy you leave behind too.

I hope you enjoyed the read. Until next time, smile on!!

Forever spreading happiness, Kopika

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