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Tell me one happy story (Post #1)



“I left my country when I was six years old and the hardest part was leaving my whole family behind with just my brother and my parents in Canada with me. It was very different and difficult being four people against the world. One of the happiest moments of my life was when I went to my country ten years later, it was a feeling I couldn’t describe. The excitement was real as soon as I landed.”


“When I was ten years old I went to Cuba and this isn’t about Cuba itself. I had an amazing time on the beach and I built a huge sand castle with 5 other kids and this made me so happy. The castle lasted for 5 days and it is a memory that makes me happy. ”


“When I was about eleven years old, I use to walk into a forest path with my mom and we would collect little hazelnuts together. We would do this quite often and I would get just as happy as I was the first time. Not having my mom with me anymore, this is a thought that makes me happy every time I think of it.”


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