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Social Anxiety


Hello to my beautiful people, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Meeting new people can get weird sometimes depending on how you are. Some people may feel uncomfortable in social situation but you shouldn’t and you know why I am telling you this because I do believe that we all face social anxiety to a certain level and we can all work ourselves out of the fear.  This blog is for all my shy people, I will be giving tips that can you become more out-going.

TIP #1: Note yourself that fear is normal

When you’re in a new social environment, always remember that everyone around you is probably feeling the same way you are. You can’t please everyone so it’s perfectly normal for some people to find you boring but at the same time there are people that will like you. If you don’t take the chance, you will never know.

TIP #2: Start the conversation.

You have never spoken to the person before and so why not start the conversation, you have nothing to lose. I can tell you from my experience that when you start the conversation, you’re taking the pressure of the person as well. It can be hard to start the conversation and sometimes you may need to force yourself but as you keep practicing it gets natural. Take the chance and do your best.

TIP #3: Be positive and bright

This is a must follow tip! Don’t take things too seriously. Walk into events and places with a smile on your face.  Don’t think about your fear, go with a positive mindset. Go with a mood where you’re willing to talk to new people and have a great time. Go with life’s flow, stress less and smile more.

Always know that your fears are normal. Your life is valuable, don’t waste it overthinking things. Wake up positive, your fears will decrease and you will look forward for life’s everyday adventure. Push yourself to work through your fear and you will meet interesting people as you act with courage and confidence. Like I mentioned in my first blog post, CONFIDENCE CAN GO A LONG WAY!! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and have an amazing week.

Forever spreading happiness, Kopika


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