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Hello 2018


We are now in 2018 and when I look back at 2017, it was one of the greatest year for myself. There were so many things I learnt which made me grow as a person but there was one thing that I did learn that I will carry with me as I move forward in life which is time is the most valuable asset you have.  

We tend to give attention and our time to things and people who don’t necessarily add value to our lives. That time we give away is time that will never come back. Once lost is lost forever. You can get many things back in life but you can never lose time and get it back. If you want to do something, just do it because time never stops ticking. Everything you want to do, feel, touch, see and experience can all only happen with the time given. Once you’re dead, you can’t do anything. Everything you want to accomplish in life cannot be done itself. If you’re not working on it now, you won’t get this time you have now later.  Pushing what you want to do and accomplish into the future is a foolish thing to do.

Spend little to zero time on anything you can’t stand. It might not be the easiest thing to do but that is indeed, time used wisely. TIME IS SO VALUABLE and this should be in back of your mind throughout your lifetime. Go do whatever makes you happy and let go off things you can’t tolerate. I hope everyone has an amazing year ahead of them filled with happiness, love and success. xo

Forever spreading happiness, Kopika 

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