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Confidence for the Win


For the past 21 years of my amazing life, I have also been living with a rare skin condition. My birth was not like any other birth; my mom’s water broke about 6 weeks earlier than the due date. When my mom was brought to the hospital, she was told that I was not ready to enter the world and so I was kept in my mom’s stomach for about six days after the water broke and my mom was definitely in so much pain. My dad was not able to bear seeing his wife in pain and nothing seemed right to him so he picked up my mom off the hospital bed and brought her to another hospital. When they did arrive to the other hospital, the doctors were in shock to why they even kept me in even after the water broke. The doctors immediately operated my mom and that is the story of how I entered this world. I might have been a tiny baby only weighing nearly five pounds but I was a healthy baby. Although I was a healthy baby, I was born with extreme dry skin and to explain in simple words how I got this skin condition; just think of a flower not being watered for six days, that’s exactly what my skin went through during the six days in my mom’s stomach after the water broke.

There’s no specific cure for this so I live with it and I am perfectly okay with that. This skin condition has taught me to be confident. I personally think being confident can lead anyone to being the happiest person. Having all the confidence you can possibly have as a person will make you love yourself but I can imagine how hard it can be for someone. Most of the time, I tend to forget I even have this skin condition because I am so busy living my life and surrounding myself with positivity. But then again it’s not all positive, I do get people that question what I have and that may put me down for a split second but I just answer “I was born with it” and I continue on with my life. For those who want to judge can judge away because their not the one living my life and this is the way how any other individual should feel too. Another big reason why I am able to be so confident is the people around me. My family and friends are my supporters; they never put me down and I am forever grateful for that. I have learnt that being confident can go a long way.

I can go on and on with this but the message I really want to bring out is that every single individual is beautiful and no one should feel low about themselves. Surround yourself with people that will bring the best out of you. Wake up happy and go to bed as happy as you were when you woke up. Forget about the negativity and just feel good about yourself. Life is really that simple.

Forever spreading happiness, Kopika 

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