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Hello beautiful humans!! How is everyone doing?  I just took vacation from work for the next month so I am super excited about that and well you can imagine how happy I am. Summer is going by really fast and I really hope everyone is having an amazing summer filled with happiness and positivity. Today I will be talking about how we humans tend to dwell on the past from time to time and why we should just let go. I mean we’re humans with emotions and it’s literally okay to cling on to the past here and there but we should never let that be permanent. Just keep in mind that I am not talking about the severe moments that we tend to dwell on, I am talking about moments like a bad relationship or a fight you had with someone a while back. Moments like those that we dwell on is just holding ourselves from being happy. So here are some tips from me to you to move on whenever you are dwelling on the past more then you should.

Tip #1: Accept

Just accept the whole situation. Accept your past and the people that has been part of your past. I always tell myself this and now I am telling you all this is that acceptance is the first step to moving on. By carrying bitterness and anger only burdens you and no one else. Let yourself be happy.

Tip #2:  Make the decision to let go

Let’s be honest, nothing can disappear by itself. So if you want to let go, you need to be committed. By letting go from the past means that you’re stopping yourself from reliving the pain from the past and you’re choosing to be happy more than anything.

Tip #3: Focus on the present

This is my favorite advice to tell people when there having a hard time moving on. We humans are NOT PERFECT, we will make mistakes and that’s okay. We can’t undo the past but what we are capable of doing is making the best out today.

Tip#4: Forgive

Forgiving yourself and them may be the best thing you can do to yourself in this type of situation. Honestly speaking, I truly do believe that everyone does deserve to be forgiven just because as I mentioned before we’re not perfect and we make mistakes. Always keep in mind that forgiving someone does not mean that you’re a weak person in any sort of way, it just means that you are willing to put the past a side and welcome back happiness into your life.

I know that moving on isn’t the easiest thing ever but it’s always better to let go. You are letting go because you want to be happier. Don’t punish yourself by dwelling to the past. You won’t even realize it but you are doing yourself a favor. So all you beautiful humans always remember to let go. Have fun and be cheerful. Give all the power you can to positivity. The happier we are the happier the world is too. Love your life and make the best out of each and every moment you get. We all deserve to be happy!! Until next post, smile on!!

Forever spreading happiness, Kopika

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    August 4, 2016 at 1:35 am

    good post cuzz! keep shooting them posts

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      August 4, 2016 at 5:43 pm

      Thank youu

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    August 4, 2016 at 3:00 am

    all your posts are so positive, the positive energy is there throughout the posts!
    keep going little one 🙂

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      August 4, 2016 at 5:43 pm

      Thank you ally

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