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Let yourself feel Happy

     Hey, hope you guys had an amazing day after a long weekend. I hope you guys enjoyed my first post. Let’s be real now, Mondays aren’t everyone’s favorite week of day but why not make the best out of it anyways. In general we might wake up not feeling the greatest and you might tell yourself but there’s tomorrow. Stop thinking like that because how you should really think is that today isn’t even over yet, turn that frown upside down because every day should be a beautiful day with positivity surrounding you. Here are a few things I myself do when I am feeling down to bring myself all happy and in a better mood.


Sounds really simple right? But trust me it actually does work. Whenever I am having a bad day, I sit down and tell myself “I am not in a good mood right now but I still have so many things around me to be grateful for”
Just thinking about the things you appreciate and are grateful for will redirect your thoughts from the negativity. You can even try this if you’re in a good mood, it will just lead you to a better mood than you already were and who doesn’t want that.


Emotions are worked backwards. If I want to be a more positive person, I obviously need to act as a person who is more positive. If you’re confused, here’s an example:
I work at a call center and I been working there for 3 years. Honestly speaking I do get tired of the job and I am at a point where when I will be having a super awesome day but as soon as I enter my job I become so moody but to avoid that I literally act like the most happiest person ever and before I know it I am not even acting anymore, I am actually truly happy and my coworkers around me are just wondering “How can she be this happy on calls?”


Making other people happy will definitely make you happy too. It only makes sense for you to be happy to make someone else happy right? When you make someone laugh or smile, you will feel good about yourself. So not only have you made yourself in a better mood but you have also made someone else’s mood better too.

     If you’re reading this and you’re not in a super duper good mood, try these little simple methods out. Everyone has the ability to wake up and go to bed with a smile; it’s all really on them. That’s a wrap for me so until next time smile on and have an amazing week everyone!!

 Forever spreading happiness, Kopika


“Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most out of the moment you are in now.”

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