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Take control of your Happiness


Hello beautiful humans!! I hope everyone is having a great week. So life cannot always be happy but sometimes a big part of why we’re not happy comes from our own thinking, behaviours and habits. We won’t realize it but there’s plenty of habits that we can avoid to aim for happiness. Today I will be talking about a few habits to avoid on a daily basis.

1. Aiming for perfection

This is one habit that most of us are guilty for. Life is to be lived and there’s no instruction that it has to be lived perfectly. It’s okay to make mistakes , we learn from our mistakes. Just be happy with what you have achieved and done in life. Be proud of your accomplishments even if it was just “good enough” because it’s not always going to be perfect.

2. Being stuck in the past and future.

As humans we tend to think about our past memories, problems and opportunities we have missed and that can obviously hurt and spoil our mood. Not only do we think about the past but we also think about the future and start imagining scenarios in our head that will lead us to be worried. During those moments, we’re clearly not living in the moment. We need to stop being stuck between the past and future and just live in the present and enjoy all the wonderful experiences life has in store for us. Always keep in mind that past is past and future is in the future!!

3. Seeking for other people’s approval.

We should all try to avoid this habit because we will always feel like some thing is missing if we seek for other people’s approval. Just believe in yourself and do you!! Focus on what makes you happy. Don’t worry about what others might think. It’s your life and you should be controlling your happiness.

4. Put experiences first.

What I mean by this is that yes I do agree that materials can bring happiness but materials can only give a short burst of happiness. Focus on the experiences in life because that’s what will create a happy life. Live every moment, go do things and make the most out of life.

Believe it or not, we make choices every day in our lives and we have full control to make choices that will lead us to be happier. Eliminate things that are not serving you right. It’s your life so go ahead and create the happy life you want to live. I hope you beautiful people enjoyed reading this post and I will be back with another post on Friday!! Smile on!!

Forvever spreading happiness, Kopika

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